Sucata Rally Boys

4 Men take on a 4 Day 6000mls Charity drive across 7 European Countries


We never realy fancied ourselfs as the next Lewis Hamilton only because our wheels are more Lada than Lambourghini ?


 So we dusted off our fluffy dice, suped up our spoilers and signed up again for another Sucata Rally,this time we are heading back to Croatia, it is a non-competitive banger rally tours (Unlike other European banger rallies, Monies raised goes directly to, the charity.minus set up costs of party events)

Last year  2011 our team Split or Bust took up the challenge of a 6000 mile return trip from Bonny Loch Lomond in Scotland to the Gorgeous Dalamation Coast in Croatia....Our team raised Just shy of £2000 in our  1995 Renault Espace aka The BadBull

Well this time we are attempting to do it in 3 classic mini coopers...hopefully if we can source them..failing that then the BadBull will ride again.

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